After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

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Service Tenet: High-quality, Timely, Continuous, Considerate, Satisfactory

The professional customer service center provides users with complete and considerate pre-sales, sales and after-sales service, and eliminates worries of users.

After-sales Service Commitment:

1. The warranty period is 12 months.

2. We provide qualified products in strict accordance with the tenderer’s requirements on the material and technical parameters.

3. We make a solemn commitment: We will make response in one hour after receiving telephone calls or written notices from customers and arrive at the construction site and provide service in 12 hours.

4. Our company will regularly check the welding equipment used by the subsidiaries of the tenderer and provide complete test data to ensure the stable and reliable welding quality.

5. We provide follow-up service, pay a return visit regularly, and solve the actual using problems of subsidiaries after the project is completed, passes the acceptance inspection and comes into service.

6. After-sales Service Dispatching Hotline:  0574-629617620574-62950223


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